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5 Best Jobs in the Golf Industry

You don’t need to be a professional tournament golfer to earn money in the golf industry. There are plenty of other career options that let you work with what you love doing in your free time anyway.

These jobs won’t give you the same kind of fame and glory that pro golf athletes enjoy but who needs fame as long as you can still make a comfortable living doing something that you would do for free anyway.

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In fact, you probably even invest a healthy sum into your golfing habit as it is so why not recoup some of those costs by getting paid for your favorite pastime? Here are some of our favorite jobs in the golf industry:

Golf Social Media Manager

Think about it. You probably spend a decent amount of your free time browsing golf tips and articles on the internet to share with your golfing buddies anyway. Managing the social media accounts for Golf manufacturers is basically like getting paid to surf the internet and talk about golf all day.

Not to mention you can easily justify spending a work day out on the course posting vines, tweets, and photos as you play a round. Most people use golf to relax after a stressful week of work. For you, work is relaxation!

Golf Trainer

If you love to play golf then what could be better than sharing that passion with newcomers to the sport? As a golf trainer, your job is literally playing golf during the day. Sure, training a newbie is not exactly the same as playing a round at your own skill level, but it is definitely rewarding to watch your students improve under your instruction.

As a golf trainer, you get to inspire others to love the sport as much as you do and it also keeps your game sharp. The more you go over the fundamentals with others, the better your knowledge and ability get. So training others will actually improve your own game as well. Plus, you’re earning a living by spending your days out on the course!

Golf Trainer Teaching Young Girl

Product Development

If you are a creative type and have a passion for staying up to date on the latest innovations in the golfing world, why not get behind the scenes and take charge of leading that innovation?

As a golfer yourself, you’ll have firsthand experience of what kinds of improvements you would like to see on your golfing equipment. As a product developer, you’ll be able to actually craft innovative new designs that accomplish those improvements.

With this job, you get to spend your working days dreaming up the future of golf equipment and then testing it out by using it in play. You’ll always have the most cutting edge and unique equipment on the course!

PGA Tour Caddie

The next best thing to being a PGA Tour Pro is being their caddie. Stand right alongside the heroines and heroes that you love to watch and help them take the championship! This is definitely not the easiest job to get since you have to be the best of the best if you want to caddie for the pros.

But is, at least, easier than becoming a pro yourself. And if you can land the job, you’ll be the envy of all your golfing friends. As a PGA Tour caddie, you can earn a very handsome sum, including a percentage of the prize money.

Golf Course Shaper

For those who prefer to work with their hands, golf course shaping is ideal. You get to go out in the dirt and actually make a golf course. It’s rigorous manual labor but it’s invigorating and it keeps you in peek shape for playing golf on that freshly shaped course!

Working on Golf Terrain Construction

It’s also a great job for those with the travel bug. Course shapers can be sent around the country and around the world to shape golf courses wherever they are needed. Travel the world, craft courses, and play them. Your job will prepare you for playing any course in any condition

There are lots of cool jobs in the golf industry that allow you to combine work with passion and there’s nothing better than being able to make a living doing what you love.