Man Taking a Golf Shot

7 Amazing Golf Shots and Holes in One

Golf fans live for those moments of magic when a player shows the true reward of all that training and dedication. Those heart stopping tense moments as you watch the ball fly or crawl across the green make that sweet moment when it drops into the hole all the more delicious.

After watching these amazing shots, you’ll be motivated to get out on the course or at least go out in the backyard and practice your swing so that you can one day accomplish some amazing shots of your own.

#1 This Miraculous Water-Walking Golf Ball

This amateur golfer managed an amazing shot that sent the ball skipping across the water and bouncing right into the hole for a hole in one.

#2 This “Will It or Won’t It” Shot that Golf Fans Live for

Watch this video a few times to truly note the glory of this shot. It sinks almost completely into the water before bouncing back out, skipping across the entire body of water and then slowly rolling into the hole.

That moment of tension as it roles toward the hole but you’re still not quite sure it’s going to make it will have you on the edge of your seat (assuming you watched it before finishing this description).

#3 This Shot from Fuzzy Zoeller Will Have You Debating Whether It’s Luck or Skill that Wins a Golf Match

This lofty shot from Zoeller doesn’t even make it into the green. He lands it in the rough just on the edge where it comes to a complete stop. You can hear the disappointment in the voice of the announcers.

But then a miracle occurs. Was it pure luck or precision executed skill that made this hole in one happen?

#4 This Perfect Example of Playing It Where It Lies from Charl Shwartzel

Landing in a hazard or less than ideal location on the course usually means you are going to max out the number of strokes for that hole just trying to recover and get back on the fairway.

That is, unless your Charl Shwartzel who defines “recovery” as dropping the ball square in the hole after hitting it from way off on the road. Note the tree line which is blocking his line of site. This is a truly stunning shot.

#5 That Time Tiger Woods Proved that Putting Is an Art Form

Most epic golf shots are power drives hit high into the air but putting is an equally challenging and equally impressive feat. The legendary Tiger Woods proved this with this shot in 2012.

Watch him carefully strategizing as he sets up for this amazing shot. Then, watch the ball almost casually stroll over to the hole, pause for a moment right at the edge as if considering whether or not it wants to go in and then drop gently into the hole.

The entire time the ball is travelling, it looks as if it’s going to stop short. But in reality, Tiger Woods has perfectly put the ball to have just the right amount of speed and angle to land the shot and no more. It’s a true work of art.

#6 This Amazing Ace at the Par 4

One of the worst enemies of a golfer is wind. In this video, Richard Green is dealing with some pretty seriously heavy wind conditions. You can see the ball fly way up and get carried off to the left by the wind.

It bounces in the rough, flies into the bunker, and then bounces itself out of the bunker and roles neatly into the hole for an ace. It’s as if the ball wanted to take a tour of the course before going home.

Landing that kind of shot in those kind of wind conditions is truly impressive.

#7 This Shot that Makes You Wish You Paid Attention in Geometry Class

Usually when your ball lands in the rough right by a fence, you see the fence as an obstacle in the way. This golfer saw it as an opportunity and came up with a strategy to angle the ball off the fence post and directly into the hole.


After witnessing these inspiring shots, what are you waiting for? Get out there and work on your skills to land a few great shots of your own!