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8 Best Golf Vacations & Resort Packages

As your golf game improves, you are going to get more and more antsy to try out different courses. It’s a great feeling to know you have mastered the course you normally play on but it’s also important to seek new challenges and test your skills on different courses.

Playing Golf in Peeble Beach

Travelling to different courses that have their own unique set of challenges lets you keep improving your game while enjoying a wonderfully relaxing holiday with some new scenery. So whether you are looking to go international or stay in the states, there are some fantastic golf vacation and resort options that will help satisfy your golfing habit.

Here are 10 of our favorite:

#1 American Club Resort

Head out to Kohler, Wisconsin to enjoy a stay at this fantastic resort surrounded by beautiful green nature with stunning landscapes. Lake Michigan is nearby in case you want to work some fishing or boating into your trip alongside the golfing.

#2 St Andrews, Scotland

Every avid golfer should make a pilgrimage out to St Andrews in Scotland. The 600 year old home of golf is a legend that you’ll feel honored and speechless to be able to play on. You can also take walking tours to explore the breathtaking landscape of Scotland and understand why this was the birthplace of golf.

#3 County Kerry

If you’re already in Scotland, why not make a tour of it by hopping over to southwest coast of Ireland for a few rounds of golf and a beautiful bicycle (or car) tour along the famous Ring of Kerry—a route that takes you through beautiful countryside and along seaside cliffs that are truly unforgettable.

Count Kerry Golf Resort

#4 Los Cabos, Baja California

Golfing in a warm, relaxing paradise is what every golfer imagines heaven to be like. In Los Cabos, you can enjoy relaxing days on the beach, fun games on one of the many golf courses, get pampered in a luxury spa, or even go out for a night on the town. Everything is possible here.

#5 Jasper National Park

Hop up north of the border to this stunning national park in Alberta, Canada. Play golf surrounded by beautiful rugged peaks and impressive wildlife. This remote and protected national park is perfect for those trying to escape the hectic life of the city. Enjoy the peace and relaxation out in the open wilderness as you play a round and spot eagles.

#6 Greenbrier

The Greenbrier resort in West Virginia features a historic 101 year old course and multiple tracks to offer an array of fun and challenging games. Newly restored in 2006, it’s now ready to host you and your family on your next golf vacation. This is one of the ultimate in the history of golf in the United States.

#7 Pebble Beach Resorts

Head over to California for an unforgettable golfing experience at Pebble Beach Resorts. Play a round of golf along jagged coastal cliffs. You can watch the waves crashing down below (and maybe even sacrifice a few golf balls to the Pacific Ocean. There’s even a course that aims to mimic the traditional Scottish course so if you can’t get all the way over to Scotland, you can still get the experience.

If you’re looking for the best views while you play, this one is going to be difficult to top.

#8 Kiawah Island Golf Resort

This host to the 2012 PGA championship blends a beautiful golf course with the paradise landscape of an island. Just off the coast of South Carolina, this resort is a great option for golfers who also need to keep their family entertained. It offers a spa, tennis facilities and plenty of other recreation on top of the immaculate golf course and the luxury accommodation.

Kiawah Island Golf Resort

It’s a beautiful escape from the stress of everyday life without having to travel too far from home.

These are definitely not the only 10 options out there. There are thousands of options in the world so if you weren’t particularly impressed by any of these (or you have already been to most of them), you can check out some other options that might suit you better.