Christian Bale Playing Golf

10 Best Golf Documentaries & Golfing Movies

If you are looking to deepen your knowledge of golf or just pass some time indoors with a good golf movie, check out this list for some ideas. We’ve compiled 5 of our favorite golf documentaries and 5 of our favorite golfing movies.

The Story of Golf

This 3 hour documentary provides a nice overview of the long history of golf. You will learn about the origins of the game, the stories of golf’s biggest stars throughout history, and the innovations that have occurred. It covers golf’s history from the beginnings up until 2010.

The Story of Golf Studio Set

The Complete History of Golf

If you are looking for a deeper discussion of the history of golf, this 4 volume documentary set should take care of you. It begins in 1100 to give you a more comprehensive understanding not just of where and when golf started but what it evolved out of and why it started. Unfortunately, this is an older documentary so it only goes up to 1992 (completely missing the Tiger Woods era). But if you want something more comprehensive, this is a great place to start.

Uneven Fairways: The Story of the Negro Leagues of Golf

For those interested in the politics and civil rights involved , this is a very compelling documentary featuring Samuel L Jackson who tells the lesser known story of black golfers back when PGA was still segregated. It’s an overlooked subject but, nevertheless, a very important one and definitely worth learning more about.

The Short Game

This is an emotional ride that documents the lives and talents of eight young prodigy golfers (all 7 years old) who are playing in the Kids Golf World Championship.

It’s got funny and charming moments mixed in with some intense and exciting moments. You can find it on Netflix.

Arnold Palmer: Golf’s Heart and Soul

This is one installment in the Golf Channel’s Legends Series which produces feature length documentaries about the legends in golf history. This one tells the story of Arnold Palmer from his early years growing up in Pennsylvania through his journey to becoming one of golf’s most legendary stars. If you like this one, we recommend checking out the other documentaries that form the Legends Series collection.

Tin Cup

Take a break from the seriousness of documentaries by enjoying some hilarious moments in this fil starring Kevin Costner. It’s a blend of romance, comedy, and drama so there’s really something for everyone.

Tin Cup Movie Scene


What’s a golfing movie list without caddyshack? It may not strictly focus on the game all the time but it’s a classic for fun, easy viewing on a Sunday afternoon. There’s a sequel as well which has become famous for being one of the worst sequels made but that’s an achievement in itself, why not check it out?

Seven Days in Utopia

This film starring Robert Duvall is an adaptation of David L Cook’s book, Seven Days at the Links of Utopia which tells the story of a pro golfer who has a meltdown in Utopia, Texas and recovers under the care and training of the man whose fence he crashed into. It’s a gripping and enjoyable film through and through.

Bobby Jones, Stroke of Genius

This fictionalized biography of Bobby Jones tells his story in a way that leaves you feeling inspired—not just to become a better golfer but to follow all of your ambitions in life. If you are in need of inspiration, look no further than this tale of hard work, perseverance, and success.

Little Bobby Jones Holding Golf Club

Greatest Game Ever Played

For those who want some golf history without sitting through an extensive documentary, check this film out. It’s not a comprehensive history but it highlights an important moment in golf history and it’s a classic, uplifting story about the hard work and success of an underdog as a working class 20 year old plays against his hero, Harry Vardon in the 1913 US Open.

Watching these films and documentaries will help you have a deeper appreciation for the sport and inspire to stick to your practice to become a better golfer.