Bridgestone Golf Balls

Bridgestone Precept 2010 e6 1-Dozen Golf Balls

Every golfer knows that golf balls are an indispensable part of playing the game. You need something to hit, after all. However, many people don’t know how to shop for golf balls and there is a difference in quality so cheapest is not always best.

When shopping for balls you want to look at the core, the coating, and the dimples on the surface. These golf balls from Bridgestone are a great example of quality.


Not all balls are the same and no ball is perfect for everything. A ball that is designed to go the distance (like this one) will not work as well when you need to put it in with expert precision and control.

Bridgestone Precept 2010 e6 1-Dozen Golf Balls

That means that no matter what, you need to buy more than one kind of ball. This design for Bridgestone is a great option for when you a need a consistently straight shot that gets a lot of yardage.

At 330 dimples, it’s on the lower end of the typical range (300 to 500) which means it has been crafted for distance, not height. More dimples means more height and less distance. So 330 is exactly the kind of number you want to see on a distance golf ball.

The multi-layer design is particularly suited to beginners who need a more forgiving golf ball. This will make it easier to get a straight shot and more distance. The durable surlyn coating also makes this ball better suited for going the distance.


Because this ball is designed for a straight distance shot, it’s the ball you want for those power drives. However, when you need as much control as possible and a lot more maneuverability, you will likely find this ball a little unwieldy and difficult to work with.


For your power drives and any shot that you want to get as much distance as possible, these are definitely the golf balls to use. Just make sure you have another set of balls with urethane coating, fewer dimples and a smaller, stiffer core for using in those situations that require more precisions shots.

Bridgestone Precept 2010 e6 1-Dozen Golf Balls

If you’re a beginner golfer whose not ready to think about buying and using different kinds of balls, than we would still recommend this as your starter ball.

It’s a dependable design that will help you get distance and consistency in your drive which makes it great to train with. As you start to focus more on training your putting game, however, you’ll probably want to look for a different ball that will give you more control.

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