Callaway Men's XR Individual Irons

Callaway Men’s XR Individual Irons

Putting together your own custom golf club set can either be a really fun and rewarding experience where you learn a lot or it can be a miserable and exhausting experience that makes you wish you chose a less demanding sport like tennis where you don’t need 8-12 different clubs to play.

Hopefully, by doing your research online first you can go for the former and enjoy the experience as you learn more about the unique role that each club can play and how different design features and materials can affect the your game.

Callaway Men's XR Individual Club Irons

One of the most essential parts of the golf club set are the irons. In a standard 8 club set, you can expect to find as many as 5 irons so you want to make sure you choose well. We recommend finding a brand you like and then buying your complete range of irons from that same brand.

This ensures that each individual iron is crafted to complement the rest of the irons in your set. With that in mind, we recommend the selection of irons manufactured by Callaway.


Callaway offers a range of irons from the 3 iron to the 9 iron. They even offer all the wedges you could need (pitching, gap (approach), sand, and lob). The only thing missing is the 2-iron but this is usually missing anyway.

In the quest for speed, what they’ve actually done here is take a clubhead design originally used on fairway woods and adapted it for their irons. This has resulted in increased speed and distance and increased accuracy.

The lower center of gravity also makes this a more forgiving iron so a beginner will feel comfortable using it. These will really help a beginner improve their distance and accuracy.

It’s also worth mentioning that their high speed design also makes them potential replacements for fairway woods. Since fairway woods are generally more challenging to use due to the longer shaft, a set of high speed irons can be a great substitute for high handicap players who need the distance of a fairway wood but the ease of use that these cast irons have.

Callaway Men's XR Individual Irons


It is important to note that the head is cast iron rather than forged. This means it is not as solid so some golfers will miss the feel for the shot that comes with forged irons. However, cast iron are far better suited to beginners and high handicap players as they don’t require as much skill to use.


Overall, this a very recommendable iron. It’s a well-though out design that is ideal for high to mid handicap players who need something versatile and reliable.

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