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Cleveland Golf Classic Collection HB Insert #1 Putter

Putters are designed to help you gently coax the ball into the hole once it has landed on the green. While this is essential for every golfer who doesn’t get ace all 18 holes (read: pretty much all of us), very few people actually practice there putting.

If you have been focused only on your golf swing and getting as much speed and power into your swing as possible, we have two things to say. First, good job on practicing and it is great to have a fast and powerful swing. Second, start adding some putting practice to your training stat.

Cleveland Golf Classic Collection HB Insert #1 Putter

Now, in addition to training, you also need a quality putter that will help you get the job done. And this putter from Cleveland will help you make your putter game strong.


These putter come in four versions which accommodate every level of player. The shorter shafts are best for high handicap players while the longer shafts are better for the lower handicap players.

The clubhead features a classic, proven blade head design that helps you putt the ball into the hole. This gives you much more feel and a nicer putting sound but it does require more skill to control.

They also offer them in left or right handed versions. All the lefties out there will appreciate being considered here since it is often a huge pain to find left-handed equipment. Here’s one less thing you have to try and adopt to using the right-handed version of.

They even include the golf head cover with the purchase so you can protect your putter and extended its lifespan. Finally, the higher MOI means a wider “sweet spot” on your club face so that you can still get good speed and accuracy even with an off-center impact.

Finally, we also really like the price here. It’s not the lowest end of the price spectrum but it is very moderately priced considering the quality and versatility that you can see here. You will definitely be able to get your moneys worth.

Cleveland Golf Classic Collection HB Insert #1 Putter


While they do offer variations for different skill levels, these putters still skew more heavily to the advanced players. A very high handicap player is probably going to have a little more difficulty handling this putter. They would be better suited to something with a little more stiffness in the shaft with a mallet head rather than the blade head seen in this model.


This putter gets a thumbs up. However, we do want to know that very high handicap players would be better off going for a mallet head putter. For average players and above, though, this is a great putter and worth every penny.

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