President Obama Playing Golf

10 Funny Golf Videos, Tantrums, Meltdowns, and Fails

This Adorable Toddler Who Takes This Game Seriously

This unbelievably cute toddler will settle for nothing less than perfection. Admit it, when he collapses on the ground and starts hitting his own chest, you could remember a few times when you wanted to do that yourself.

That super near miss would be super frustrating though.

Those Shots When You Become Certain the Universe Is Working Against You

You can really feel this guy’s pain as he repeatedly hits the ball directly over the hole. Normally, gravity does the rest of the work for you here and drops the ball in. In this case, the golf ball is extremely reluctant and just keeps popping back out to hang out on the green for a little longer.


The Famous Head Splitting Tantrum

Putting can be frustratingly tedious. We do not recommend trying Woody Austin’s method of coping with that stress. Repeatedly beating your head with the shaft of a putter can’t be good for you (or the putter). It’s even worse if it gets caught on camera and repeatedly aired by sports announcers who will never let you live the moment down.

When You Finally Just Decide to Quit Golf

Sometimes you have those days when you just aren’t landing any of your shots. During these times, it can be tempting to just throw your club into the lake and head to the bar to try your hand at being a professional beer drinker—that’s a thing right?

When Happy Gilmore Becomes Real Life

That famous Happy Gilmore scene when the pro golfer completely loses his cool and starts taking his frustration out by beating his club against the rough is memorable. But who knew it was actually a true to life portrayal of real golfers? Watch Sergio Garcia “pull a Gilmore” after shorting this chip shot.

When You Try to Teach Golf but You Don’t Actually Know Anything

This guy’s rapid fire lesson of how to set up and execute a golf swing using the complicated jargon of geometry and physics sounds super impressive and way above your head. This guy must be a crazy talented expert right? By the time he actually shows you how to swing, you might change your mind.


Maybe Clubs Work Better when They’re Bent in Half

When this guy misses a put, he attempts a DIY modification of his club. At least, we’ll call it a modification instead of just totally losing his cool and destroying a putter.

You Know It’s Serious when the Gloves Come Off

A French pro, Victor Dubuisson, was having a tough day at the WGC Cadillac Championship. Actually, plenty of golfers have struggled to face the challenge of the notorious Blue Monster. Unlike plenty of golfers, Dubuisson just wasn’t having it that day. He takes it out on his golf bag, ball, club, and anything else that dares stand in his way.

The Many Sides of Tiger Woods

The legendary Tiger Woods proves that even the best professionals have their fair share of failures on the course. On one hand, it’s inspiring to know that we can and should keep persevering through hard times and failures.

On another, more entertaining hand, it’s just really fun to watch Tiger Woods break clubs and, at one point, shout what sounds like “Oh, Tiger Butt!”

A Medley of Fails to Make You Feel Better About Your Own Game

You might have had a bad day out on the course today but no matter how badly you did, it’s pretty unlikely that you failed quite as bad as the people in this compilation. Soothe your stinging ego with a compilation of people doing much worse at golf (and life in general) than you.

Two Guys in Golf Clothes Laying on Grass

Watch repeatedly until you don’t feel quite so bad about that unfortunate round of golf and be thankful that you didn’t hurt yourself this bad (or, at least, didn’t get caught on camera doing it).

Watching these videos of golfers throwing tantrums and failing is a great way to remind yourself that it’s ok to fail sometimes (although you maybe want to avoid breaking your clubs since that can get expensive.