Father and Son Playing Golf on Terrain

How to Get Your Kids Interested in the Game

The earlier you start your kids in golf, the more time they have to grow and develop with the sport. You could be raising the next Tiger Woods! Playing golf will be second nature to them by the time they grow up.

Teaching golf to your kids is also the perfect way to spend quality time with them. You get to do something you love and share that passion with your kids who will grow to love it because it means spending time with you.

Young Girl Playing Golf

Golf is also a great way to get your kids out of the house. Today’s generation of children has a tendency to stay cooped up indoors, playing video games or staring at a computer screen for hours. Get them up and active by spending the day on the course.

There are countless other benefits to teaching your kids golf so whatever your motivation to do so, do it! Here are a few ideas to help inspire your kids to get excited about the game:

Start the Young Ones on Mini Golf

As a golfer, you know that mini golf is not the same as a real golf. But for your toddlers, this is a good way to introduce them to the basic idea of swinging a club while keeping their mind active and stimulated.

As they grow up, they can look forward to taking their game to the next level by playing on an actual golf course and exploring the differences between the different clubs. And the first time they tee up and actually get to launch a ball hurtling into the sky, they’ll never look back.

Don’t Be a Perfectionist

When they’re just starting out, let your kids play around with the clubs. They may not use them right and they beat them up pretty brutally (so start them on a cheap set) but they will be getting a feel for the clubs and learning to associate the game with fun.

So while they are younger, don’t stress too much if they aren’t playing much actual golf. The important thing is that they learn to enjoy the time spent with you out on the course and they can admire you as they watch you play it properly.

Happy Kids Playing Golf

Eventually, they will take a natural interest in learning the fundamentals so they can be as good as you. If you try to force it too harshly or too early, they won’t have fun and they will become resistant to playing.

Bring them with You to the Driving Range

Take your kids to the range to practice their swing. They’ll have fun hitting ball after ball and competing with you or their friends to hit them the farthest. You can use this time for actual training in golf swing fundamentals or simply let them enjoy the experience of whacking at balls.

Our recommendation: combine a little of both. Spend some time at the beginning working on fundamentals with them and then allow them to let loose and see how they can get more distance by using those fundamentals.

Send them to a Summer Golf Camp

Golf camp combines the fun and freedom of going off to camp for the summer with the expert lessons from professional golf trainers. More importantly, at camp, they will make friends with other kids who are learning to play golf.

Kids tend to take more interest in the things that their friends are doing (as opposed to what their parents are doing) so if they make friends with other kids who play golf, they will become more interested in golf themselves.

Finally, one of the best things about golf camp is that you have professionals teaching them the fundamentals which can be a frustrating task that leads to fights between parents and children (especially as they enter their rebellious phase).

Teaching Young Kids to Golf in Golf Academy

With someone else teaching them fundamentals, all you have to do is take them out to play golf so they can practice what they have already learned. You can also provide some guidance but the foundations will have already been laid.

Above all, the most important thing is to make sure your kids associate golf with fun. Let it be a fun family activity and they will become motivated on their own to improve and develop their skills.