Man Juggling with Golf Club

Crazy Golf Trick Shots from the Pros

Golf trick shots are some of the most challenging shots in the game. After all, you wouldn’t call them “trick” shots if they weren’t tricky. Just trying to achieve even one of the shots you see in this article will take a whole lot of practice and luck.

Trying them yourself will give you a whole new level of respect for the pros who accomplish them and give you a new appreciation for the game. Golf has some truly magical moments, let’s check out a few of the most impressive ones:

The Best Trick Shots of 2014

This video compilation shows 10 of the craziest trick shots that happened in 2014. The showmanship of #6 is mesmerizing to watch but we also love that killer bunker shot in #4. But #1 is the strangest and most intriguing.


After watching someone dunk a basketball through a hoop using a golf club, you’ll never think about sports the same way again. Why not bring your golf clubs to other sports as well? Maybe some volleyball with golf clubs. The possibilities are endless.

This Weird Trick Shot Is True Friendship

When you can’t get out to the course and you need a target, why not ask your friend to be a target for you? In this video, a golfer lands the golf ball in his friend’s mouth—that’s trick shot teamwork!

“Killing Two Birds with One Stone” Just Got a Whole New Meaning

This trick shot inspires a new saying for golfers: hitting two golf balls with one club. First of all, stacking two golf balls on top of each other seems like a feat in its own right.

But hitting them into the air at the same time (and then giving that forward boost to the second one as it comes back down) is a shot only a pro could make.

Save Money on a Tee Retriever with This Shot

Bending down to pick up your tees is annoying. Using a Tee retriever is the most common solution. But this this golfer found an even more convenient (if much trickier) alternative. This is a trick shot that cleans up after itself!

Man Doing Golf Trick Shot with Two Clubs

Now if only there was a trick shot that automatically replaced the ball with a ball marker when it landed.

They Say Balance Is One of the Most Important Aspects of a Good Swing But What Do They Know?

This video shows a trick shot pro doing a few different shots that are all pretty neat to watch. We think the most impressive is the shots he takes while standing on a large balance ball. If you can get any kind of a good shot while on a balance ball, just imagine how much easier it will seem to take a shot while standing on solid ground?

Admittedly, that seems like a bit of a dangerous trick to practice unless you’re a pro but those scissor shots could be fun to try at home.

The Thrown from Behind Shot

This is one of those trick shots that usually just seems like unnecessary showmanship during a game but this kid finds an actual use for it when he gets stuck in a bunker. He turns this bad luck into an impressive shot that lands in the hole. Bunkers can’t stop everyone!

The Trick Shot that Looks for New Obstacles to Overcome (or Obliterate)

There are a lot of hazards on the golf course but once you’ve mastered techniques to get out of those, it’s time to look for new obstacles and challenges. This guy does just that. Why settle for hitting a really fast ball through the air when you could also be smashing through a piece of plywood?

Man Standing on Pilates Ball During Golf Trick Shot

These shots really show how far training and dedication can take you. They also show the level of strategy and creativity that are needed to become a pro. What separates a full on pro from a really great golfer is not always plain skill—more often, it’s creativity that helps them to think about all the possibilities of the shot.

So get out there and try some wild experiments yourself to see if you can land a few of your own jaw-dropping trick shots!