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The Essential Guide to Buying Golf Bags

After you’ve spent weeks or months researching golf clubs to put together the perfect set of wedges, putters, woods, and irons, you might be thinking our research is all over. But you’ve still got one more major and essential purchase before you can head out for your first round with your new golf club set.

You need a golf bag. Golf bags are the only way to carry those precious golf clubs. After spending money on the perfect set of clubs, you can’t skimp on storing them properly. But what exactly should you be expecting a golf bag to do?

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This article will talk about different kinds of golf bags from carry golf bags to golf bags for travel and everything in between. Reading this will help you decide which ones are the best golf bags for your needs.

The Different Kinds of Golf Bags

There are different designs to suit different needs and different price ranges. As you read about the different kinds, think about your playing style and your needs.

Where do you play? What kind of weather conditions are you dealing with? When do you play and how often? Do you walk or ride?

These questions are important because, for example, frequent player will want to invest in a high quality, durable bag that can withstand regular use. A less frequent player can stand to go more toward the discount golf bags since it won’t be seeing much wear and tear anyway.

With the answers to those questions in mind, start looking at the different option:

Carry Bags

Carry bags can come with or without legs that allow you to stand them up when you’re not carrying them. They are designed to be carried as you walk the course. This means they are the lightest bags available and usually have a minimal number of pockets.

These are ideal for the minimalist and those who intend to walk the full course. You’ll want to get one with pockets suited for carrying beverages (insulated pockets are even better) since the added exercise will require added hydration.

Golf Bags for Carts

Golf bags for push carts or riding carts are usually a bit bulkier than carry bags but this is fine since you won’t be carrying it for any extended distances. Since they can be bulkier, they usually offer more features than carry bags.

Golf Bag for Carts on Grass

Because they are meant to be kept on carts, their design is ideal for accessing all the pockets and compartments easily without having to remove it from the cart. It also means you can have more pockets and store more things. Take a full picnic out on the course with you if you want!

The material of cart bags is also usually a bit more heavy duty (since you don’t have to worry about carrying it) so they are more durable. The part that lies on the car is usually a non-slip rubber material so that you can keep your bag secure in wet weather.

Travel Bags

Golf bags for travel need to have a solid cover that will keep your clubs safe. This is especially true of golf bags for air travel where you have less control over how your bag is handled during the flight.

For traveling, you probably want a golf bag with wheels and a lot of padding to allow for easy transport and maximum protection.

In most cases, your golf travel bag is not really intended to be used on the course. It is specifically meant for travel only so you will need a separate golf bag for use during the game.

Most bags, no matter the design, will have a few features in common:

  • Pockets: the number of pockets can range pretty widely but you only need enough to carry the things you have and keep them organized. Having designated tee pockets and ball pockets are useful, for example. But a dozen tiny pockets might not serve much purpose for you. There are also bags that have insulated pockets to store beverages and food.
  • Dividers: some carry bags will not have any but most will have dividers in the main compartments to help keep your clubs separated and easily accessible. Dividers really cut down on time spent rummaging (especially if you’ve got an extensive set of clubs).
  • Putter well: not all bags have it but it’s a good idea to get one with a putter well. This is a special compartment designed for your putter to keep it separate from the other clubs because the head of a putter can often damage the shafts of other clubs.
  • Umbrella holder or rain hood: if you live in a wet or unpredictable climate, you will need a bag that has cover options to keep your clubs safe. A rain hood is usually more effective but an umbrella holder will also offer some protection.

Man Holding Travel Golf Bag

Help your golf bag last longer by taking good care of it. Remove dirt and debris with a damp towel when needed. Don’t forget to remove any food or other perishables from pockets. If you played in wet weather, remove everything from the bag as soon as you get home and let it sit somewhere upside down to dry out.

Now that you know a little more about what’s available, you probably already have some idea about which one you might prefer. Do some additional research on the specific kinds that stood out to you before you make your final purchase.