Improve Your Game with these 6 Golfing Tips

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned golfer, everyone wants to improve their game. It’s always nice to shave just a little bit more off of that handicap. If you’re fresh out of ideas about how to improve, try out some of these strange and lesser known tricks for improving your game:

Keep Your Wrist Hinged Until Release

If you’ve studied up on your fundamentals well, you know you should be hinging your right wrist backward on your upswing. What most players forget is that they should also keep that hinge all the way through until after impact. This will give you more height and distance.

Golf Player Iron Swing

To get the habit, practice your swing with your left thumb on your right wrist (reverse for lefties) instead of on the grip. It will keep you more aware of your wrist angle through the swing.

Keep Your Right Knee Bent

As you rotate on your downswing and follow through, a lot of golfers tend to let their right leg straighten (or left if they are lefties). This forces your body upward which messes up your whole swing.

Get in the habit of keeping your right knee bent by practicing with the back of a chair propped up under your backside. Complete the full swing while maintaining contact with the chair. Repeat this often and then try to maintain that position without the chair.

Look at The Top of the Ball

Most players have a habit of looking to the side of the ball where the clubhead will strike. This seems logical but it’s actually harming your game. You need to be looking at the top of the ball. It helps you swing “through” the ball instead of just to it.

In other words, it improves your impact by ensuring that you keep strong momentum the whole way through until the ball is launched and in the air.

Practice with a Soccer Ball

If you’re having trouble with your swing—especially if you are hooking your balls and not able to aim, place a soccer ball between your arms and do not let it fall while you swing. This forces your arms into a good swing position.

Woman Playing Golf with Soccer Ball

Master Putting

Even the most pro players have a bad habit of neglecting putting practice. We all work so hard on maxing out the power of our power drive that we forget that the subtle art of putting is just as important to cutting strokes off of our game.

Line up a row of 5 or more golf balls, each about 5 yards from your target. If you’re not on a course, you can simply stick a tee in the ground and aim for that. Start putting. Hit each ball once. Adjust the length of your drawback each time to get a better feel for how much length you need to put different distances.

It’s ok if none of the balls actually reach the target at first. The point is to have a better feel for the act of putting and gauging distance and power needed. Do this over and over and over (with balls at different distances from the target) so that you can accurately put any distance consistently.

Grip with Your Fingers

If you’re holding the grip by squeezing it between your palms, you are tensing up the rest of the muscles in your arm which is leading to a bad swing. You should be gripping with your fingers (primarily your left hand fingers if you’re a right hand player).

Start by cupping your left fingers around the grip, directly over the crease where they join your hand. Point the left thumb down the shaft. Lay the palm of your right hand over your left thumb. Cup the right fingers around the grip.

Teaching How to Swing

You should be able to lift your palms away without the grip sliding out of your hands or feeling unstable.

Paying attention to these aspects of your swing and using these tips are sure ways to take strokes off your game. For the most improvement, you need to practice this and your swing in general on a regular basis.