Colorful Martini Golf Tees

Martini Golf Tees USGA Conforming

Golf tees are a basic piece of your standard golf equipment but they do have an effect on your ball which means that you could have the most perfect golf swing on earth and you’ll still be holding yourself back by using bad golf tees.

These martini golf tees are one of the best designs on the market. They take their name from their shape. The tees look like mini martini glasses with long stems.


In addition to the 3 ¼ inch design talked about in this review, they also sell a set of 2 inch tees with the same signature martini design and there’s a “step up” model on which they added a ring around the center of the tee so that you can be sure you aren’t teeing to high or too low.

Holding Martini Golf Tees in Hand

That’s perfect for beginners who don’t yet have a feel for how high or low they should be teeing but we prefer this smooth sided 3 ¼ inch model since it gives you the freedom to adjust the height as needed for each shot. Plus, the longer size gives you the most range.

Regulation standards allow for a maximum of 4 inches for a tee so this is one is about as much as you could ask for.

The martini glass shape is not just for looks (or for the name) either. It serves an important function. With this shape, the tee is only contacting the ball around the edges. This creates less friction between the ball and the tee so that you get more distance and better aim.

Yet another benefit for these tees is that they are nearly unbreakable. For beginners still working on their swing or golfers who just have a heavy handed swing that tends to smash into their tees, this is a feature you will appreciate.


There are other low-friction tees on the market that do a better job of decreasing friction. Specifically, the pronged tees that only contact the ball at 3 or 4 points (where the prongs stick up).

So if your main concern is minimizing friction as much as possible, you will be better off with one of those. However, those have a serious downside that can get frustrating: the ball falls off easily. The decreased surface area on these pronged tees mean the ball doesn’t balance as well.

Martini Shaker and Bag Tees

That’s where the martini tee excels. You get the sturdy balance of a solid golf tee but with less friction.


You may have to pay a little more for these than you do for standard tees but they will last you a long time. They are colorful (making them easy to find) and durable (making them long lasting). Although it’s not the lowest friction tee on the market, it still has much lower friction compared to standard tees without sacrificing as much balance as a pronged tee loses.

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