Oddyssey Works Versa 2

Odyssey Works Versa 2-Ball Fang Tank Putter with SuperStroke Grip

Putting is an important part of the game that you cannot just hope to get lucky at. Start making putting drills a regular part of your training sessions. And if you aren’t doing training sessions, start doing them. Golf takes practice.

While you are still trying to grasp the fundamentals of putting and your golf swing, you are going to want different things out of your golf clubs than a more advanced player. Namely, you need clubs that are more forgiving.

Odyssey Works Versa 2 Ball Fang Putter

This is especially true of putters which can be challenging to use. And since putting is already challenging enough, you want your putter to be as friendly as possible. For that purpose, we highly recommend the Odyssey Works Versa Putter.


One of our favorite feature of this club, speaking for beginners and high handicapped players, is the sturdy mallet head design. This along with the counterbalancing offers as much stability as you could hope for in a putter (something you will sorely miss in a blade head putter).

It also has a stiffer shaft and more weight in general which also helps with the stability and makes this putter much easier to control.

In addition to all these features that help with stability, it also comes with a SuperStroke grip. This is a wider grip that makes it easier to hold and maneuver this putter more effectively.

In short, this putter has been designed with the high handicapper and the beginner in mind. It’s meant to assist in your putting as much as it possibly can. So this is truly the ideal putter to work with while you are still developing your skills.

The club face also has a wider sweet spot so you can pull of quick and accurate shots even if you don’t hit the exact center of the club face.

As you improve, you might find you don’t need as much assistance as this putter provides anymore but you certainly won’t mind the extra help. That is, you’re going to love it while you’re learning and you will still love it even when you become a better player.

Odyssey Works Versa 2-Ball Fang Tank Putter Club


The biggest drawback here is the price. At over $100, it seems like a bit much to spend on a single club—especially if you are a beginner. However, for the high handicapper and the beginners who are confident they plan to stick with this sport, we truly believe this is money well spent.


Basically, this is our absolute favorite putter for beginners and high handicappers. Every feature that it offers has been selected and added with these golfers in mind. The price is a little off putting but we still think that it is worth it for all the countless advantages you get from it.

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