Optishot Ulti Mat 2

Optishot/Optishot 2 Ulti Mat 2

Whether you are looking for something to use in the off season so you can stay in shape or you want a reliable training aid that you can use on a regular basis, a golf simulator mat is going to be essential.

You can certainly just go out in the backyard and practicing hitting golf balls in the grass but this is not as comparable to the real thing as you might thing. A quality simulator mimics the conditions of an actual fairway better than your lawn can (unless you specifically shaped and cultured your lawn to be like a fairway—which, you probably didn’t).

This simulator mat not only mimics the conditions of the fairway surface, it also provides you real time data about your swing when used with the simulator software.


The surprisingly large 4 ft x 7.3 ft mat gives you a larger area to practice your swing both indoors and outdoors. When you combine it with the projector box that they also make, you’ll have one of the most realistic golf training setups there is.

Ulti Mat from Optishot

It is a very well made product with quality, durable materials and a replaceable tee line turf top so that when it starts to wear down (as all mats will), you only have to replace the top rather than buying a whole new simulator.


This is definitely not the cheapest simulator mat you will find. If budget is a serious concern, you’ll want to skip this in favor of a lower tech model. For the cheaper price, you also sacrifice functionality. Cheaper mats don’t have the same fairway feel and usually don’t have sensor technology to track data.

It’s also a little annoying that the projector box does not come included since you really do get the most out of this mat when you use the two items together.

On its own, it is still a nice, realistic turf surface but you won’t get the real time swing data like club speed, face angle, distance, path, tempo, and face contact (all of which you get with the OptiShot simulator software).


This mat is truly solid quality so it will not wear down quickly and really versatile since you can actually use it with other simulator systems. We also like the replaceable turf top which means you’ll get even more extended use out of it since you only need to replace this top when it wears out rather than the entire mat. Overall, this is a very recommendable product.

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