TaylorMade Men's SpeedBlade Golf Complete Set

TaylorMade Men’s SpeedBlade Golf Complete Set

Putting together your own golf club set piece by piece is the best way to get the perfectly customized combination that suits your playing style and needs.

However, for the beginner, individually choosing each club (even for a standard 8 club set) can be an extensive process that seems to have little payoff as you don’t really have any baseline for understanding why any particular club is best suited to you.

For that reason, we recommend you start out with a preassembled complete set. This way, you can leave these decisions to the experts who know what the average golfer needs. This set from TaylorMade is a great place to start.

TaylorMade Men's SpeedBlade Golf Complete Set


Even though this is a preassembled set, they do still leave some choices up to you. For example, you can choose to get either graphite or steel shafts. Graphite will give you more speed but steel will give you more consistency and control.

You can also choose the flexibility of the shafts ranging from either regular (which means there is some bend to it) to stiff (which means minimal bend). Stiffer shafts are recommended for beginner players.

The driver has a cavity back clubhead which makes it ideal for distance and control. You can also choose from various configurations so you do already have a degree of customizability available to you from the outset.


The purpose of this set is to give a player a set of clubs that are effective and forgiving. This makes them great to train on. However, in favor of consistency, they aren’t always the most versatile or moveable. There is also, notably, no sand wedge available (although you can get both a pitching wedge and a gap wedge).

In all, this set is high quality and does the job. However, a more advanced player might not feel completely fulfilled. But if you are a more advanced player, you should be buying your set piece by piece anyway.

TaylorMade Men's SpeedBlade Golf Complete Clubs Set


This is a wonderful golf set to carry you through a standard round of golf. It has all of the essentials and each club is well crafted to suit the needs of a beginner or high handicapped player. As you improve your skills using this set, you will likely start to notice certain quirks that don’t quite suit you—your wedge doesn’t give you the loft you want or the putter doesn’t have the right balance for your swing type.

These are all personal adjustments that you can make, piece by piece to gradually customize your set into something that is perfectly suited to you and only you. In short, yes, this is a great purchase and the perfect foundation to build your custom golf club set on.

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