Best Golf Pushing Carts

The Top 3 Golf Push Carts

When you hit the golf course, there are many different fees you need to pay. If you are a regular golf player, you can save a lot of money if you invest in your own golf equipment. Do not let the high prices intimidate you as you are likely to save a lot of money in the long run. Aside from the golf clubs, a push cart is the next piece of equipment you need to set your eyes on.

Reasons to Purchase a Golf Push Cart

Still don’t understand why you can’t live without this piece of equipment? Well, we have a list of reasons for you:

  • Added Convenience: Nobody likes to drag around their golf equipment on their shoulders. Not only does it cause your arms and shoulders to strain but it will also impact your performance. While playing golf, you need to distract yourself from the game by wondering where your club or gloves are located. Save yourself the stress and invest in a handy golf push cart. The equipment will allow you to concentrate on what’s important instead of stressing about trivial issues.
  • Eliminates The Need For A Caddie: While caddies can be of great help in the course, can you really enjoy your game with somebody running behind you, carrying your golf gear? And besides, there is no need for you to pay someone extra money when you can invest in a push cart instead and move it around yourself.
  • Reduces Arm Strain: If you cannot afford a caddie, you may have to carry your golf equipment yourself. Not only does this result in inconvenience but also causes fatigue. Save your time and energy by investing a golf push cart.
Golf Cart With Umbrella

How to Identify the Best Push Cart?

With so many different brands and push cart designs to choose from, investing in the best push cart can be a difficult decision. Here are a couple of things you ought to consider before making a purchase:

  • Wheels: Golf courses usually have bumpy and rugged terrains hence ensure the push cart wheels are large and easy for you to maneuver around the course. The larger the wheel, the less force you will have to apply.
  • Weight: A heavy cart is bound to become bulkier when you load your golf equipment on it, making it difficult for you to transport around the golf course. Opt for a light yet sturdy golf push cart that is easy to maneuver.
Pushing Golf Cart on Grass Course
  • Storage: Apart from your golf equipment, you would probably like the cart to have space for you to carry personal items, such as your phone, keys and your wallet. Always consider the size of the cart and the number of pockets and pouches it has.
  • Customer Reviews: Refer to customer reviews when you are purchasing an item online. It’s best you avoid golf push carts that have poor ratings.

Best Golf Push Carts in the Market

Want to get your hands on the best golf push carts in the market? We have compiled a handy list of the top three products in the business. If you are in need of smooth-running and lightweight push cart, you should definitely check out these models:

1. CaddyTekSuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart

The CaddyTekSuperLite Deluxe Push Cart is an immensely popular pushcart. It may appear simple but it has all the top-notch features and is equipped with specs you would normally expect from an expensive cart. The cart can be adjusted into 4 different pushing positions and has plenty of space to store your personal items.

Push Cart By Caddytek


  • Incredibly lightweight, weighing less than 12.2 lbs.
  • Includes a mesh net, an umbrella holder and a beverage holder.
  • ​Includes a patented push to brake that pushes to release foot brake
  • Uses built-in front wheel alignment mechanism


  • No trouble folding and unfolding the cart
  • Lightweight cart makes pushing effortless
  • ​Tons of storage space for personal items
  • ​High-end break system that works great on any kind of terrain
  • Exceptional design – the push cart hardly tips over

Clicgear 3.5+ Golf Push Cart

Clicgear 3.5+ Golf Push Cart is known for its compact design. The Clicgear’s solid build and rock-steady performance is perfect for enthusiastic golfers who want to save time in the game. Golfers can fold and unfold the cart and fit it into any truck with considerable ease.


  • Enhanced dura-comfort handle, resulting in better grip
  • Upgraded brake system featuring an improved push-button wheel lock
  • ​Weighs only 18lbs and is easy to transport
  • Includes large mesh storage bag, large removable cup holder, upgraded umbrella storage bracket and updated bag straps


  • Compact design and lightweight, can be transported around with ease
  • Sleek and exceptional design that is bound to make heads turn
  • ​Includes a wide range of accessories
  • ​Easy to maneuver
  • Constructed using scratch-resistant aluminum tubing

Merax® One-click Folding 3 Wheels Deluxe Golf Push Cart

When it comes to producing high quality golf equipment, Merax has a reputable name in the business. The Merax® One-click Folding 3 Wheels Deluxe Golf Push Cart weighs only 16 lbs. You no longer have to worry about bulky golf carts.

Pushing Cart By Merax


  • Improved dura-comfort handle grip handle
  • High quality, low maintenance airless tires
  • ​Features adjustable brackets for flexible accommodation
  • ​Constructed using the finest starch-resistant aluminum tubing
  • Folds in seconds and is easy to transport


  • Lightweight and not bulky at all. Users can now easily transport their golf bags from place to place without a worry
  • Trendy design, available in a stunning back-green model that is sure to turn heads
  • ​Features scratch-resistant aluminum frame
  • Easy folding, users can stop the cart immediately with the foot brake

The Bottom Line

We hope this handy guide will help you in purchasing the best golf push cart for your money. Good luck!