Titleist Single Strap Caddie Stand Bag

Titleist Single Strap Caddie Stand Bag

Once you’ve invested a healthy sum into the perfect set of golf clubs, the last thing you probably want to do is shell out more on a golf bag to hold them all. We’re not saying you need to get the most expensive golf bag that exists but you shouldn’t skimp too much here.

A good golf bag will help make the game more enjoyable and keep your golf clubs safe. There are many different kinds of golf bags out there that serve different purposes so, in the end, the choice you make depends on how you play.

Titleist Single Strap Caddie Stand Bag

This carry bag with stands from Titleist is a fantastic options for those who walk the course.


AT only 4.9 pounds (sans golf clubs) this is a very lightweight bag which is probably the single most important thing about a carry bag if you had to pick just one thing. You absolutely do not want a bulky, heavy bag on your back as you walk the course. The clubs themselves will add enough weight. The bag should be as light as possible.

The added legs so that you can stand the bag up while you’re playing is a feature that should not be underrated. With the legs, you have the following benefits:

  • No more bending down repeatedly to hoist up your golf bag.
  • No more getting exhausted and tossing your bag on the ground (which will damage the clubheads, especially if they are uncovered.
  • No more bending down to dig through a pile of golf clubs and select the one you want to use. Now you can just walk over to the standing bag and easily see and access your set.

With 5 pockets, you have plenty of storage space and organization ability to keep your golf balls, golf tees, and other equipment in order and stored safely. It even has a beverage sleeve so you can bring extra water with you (essential for someone planning to walk the course).


As a carry bag, this is less suited for keeping on carts. You need something with a more solid outer layer so that it keeps the clubs secure as the cart bumps along. Also, there are no wheels which can be a problem for those who want to walk the course but don’t want to carry a bag on their back the entire time.

Black Titleist Single Strap Caddie Stand Bag


For this price range, it is a fantastic value. And for the course walker, this is everything you could need. It’s got just enough to suit every need you could have without any unnecessary extra that add unwanted extra weight. Overall, it’s a great buy.

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