Titleist 2016 14-way Stand Bag TB5SX14

Titleist 2016 14-way Stand Bag TB5SX14

Golf bags are a necessary part of golfing. Just picture trying to lug a handful of clubs around plus a basket of balls and a pocket full of tees. There’s really no substitute for a golf bag, either.

Normal bags, even travel bags are not going to do the trick. You really need to get a specially designed golf bag. And for that, we really like the newest carry bag from Titleist.


This is a wonderful all-around golf club bag that is perfect for someone who intends to walk the course. It’s also sturdy enough that you could, feasibly, put it up on a push cart or ride cart without much inconvenience.

Titleist 2016 14-way Stand Bag TB5SX14

Although, if you plan to use carts as your primary mode of transportation, we’d recommend getting a cart bag since it offer more features that you will find useful. For this carry bag, though, there is no shortage of things to love about it. To name a few:

  • Lightweight: on its own, it’s only 6.3 pounds. While this is a little on the medium to heavy side for a carry bag, it is still surprisingly lightweight for how much they managed to pack into this design.
  • Kickstand: it has moveable legs so that you can stand it up while you golf. This is far preferable to simply laying it on the ground.
  • Rain hood: if you live in a wetter climate or somewhere with less predictable climate, you will need to have the option to cover your clubs to save them from excess moisture. The added rain hood here will help with that.
  • 14 way divider: dividers are an easy to overlook feature but they really are convenient. Having a separate section for each club makes it way easier to see your whole collection and to pick out the club you want. Plus, it adds a little more space between them so they clubheads aren’t constantly banging against each other.
  • 11 pockets: this provides you with excellent organization options so that you can keep everything in its place and stored securely.


For some, this may seem like a little too many bells and whistles—especially since it is priced to match. If you just want a standard, no frills carry bag, you can find something that is cheaper and even more lightweight.

Titleist 2016 14-way Stand Bag TB5SX14


We really love everything about this bag. It is a solid construction and very great material so you’ll have a bag that lasts a long time, even if you do live in a climate with more rain or humidity. It’s just an all-around fantastic carry bag so we think it’s worth the slightly above average price.

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