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Tour Edge Men’s Hot Launch Stand Bags

We are huge fans of carry bags because they are the most affordable and they are great for walking the course. As much fun as it can be to ride, walking adds that much more exercise and lets you really soak up the sun and fresh air.

With that said, this carry bag from Tour Edge is both well-crafted and budget friendly.

Tour Edge Men's Hot Launch Stand Bags


In the world of golf bags, you have countless options. Even just looking at carry bags alone, there are so many different designs and features to choose from. However, the truth of the matter is, if you are walking the course, you don’t really want much more than the basics.

Remember, you have to lug any weight on your back so if you’ve got a state of the art bag full of all these different features, it might sound great on paper but once you are out there under the sun, walking miles with a big golf bag on your back, you’ll start to regret packing that 3 course picnic lunch or that bulk set of golf balls.

For those who are looking for a carry bag that is durable, long lasting and as lightweight as possible, you should really consider this bag. Here are some of the advantages it offers:

  • Padded carry strap keeps your shoulder comfortable during long walks.
  • Waterproof material protects all the valuables stored inside.
  • Insulated beverage holder lets you keep spare water chilled as you walk (something you will certainly be thankful for on those hot days).
  • Foam hip pads protect your hips from the weight and shifting of the golf bag.
  • 6 way divider helps you easily sort and access your clubs.
  • Quick release kickstand so that you can prop your bag up while you play.
  • Extra pockets for clothes, balls, tees, and so on.

Most importantly, the bag only ways about 5 pounds by itself so you are adding as little weight as possible to your back. Let the clubs be the heaviest thing you are carrying.

Tour Edge Men's Hot Launch Stand Bags


The most notable downside is that this bag does not come with a rain hood. We highly recommend investing in something to protect your clubs from rain, particularly if you live in a wetter climate. Water damage can lead to rapid wear of your clubs and greatly reduce their lifespan.

Fortunately, this is a simple fix as it’s pretty easy (and) cheap to buy a rain hood for your bag or even just bring a spare raincoat that you can drape over your clubs in emergencies.


In terms of quality, functionality, and affordability, this carry bag is the ultimate choice. You are getting a great bag for very low cost. You just won’t get quite as many frills as the more expensive bags. But, hey, not all of us want the frills anyway.

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